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Domestic Violence

What Happens if Im Found Guilty?

Considering the ease with which these charges can be pressed, the consequences of a conviction can be severe. If you are found guilty of domestic violence, you may face serious, life-altering consequences, including:

  • Imprisonment

  • Lost child custody or visitation rights

  • Large fines

  • Mandatory community service

  • Counseling or anger management classes

  • A permanent blemish on your criminal record

Domestic violence cases are notorious for flooding criminal law courtsa fact which has caused many states to implement harsh penalties and consequences. While many claims of domestic violence are valid, some are exaggerated, baseless, or simply filed out of spite. Unfortunately, to file domestic violence charges requires little evidence, and cases can get pushed through court even if the person who originally pressed the charges decides later to drop them.

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What Constitutes Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is a broad term encompassing a wide array of harmful acts inflicted by one member of a household on another, usually spouses or parents. Depending on the jurisdiction, domestic violence may include:

  • Physical abuse (including pushing or shaking)

  • Threats

  • Coerced or forced sexual contact

  • Verbal abuse

  • Public humiliation.