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Sexual Assault

Consequences of a Sexual Assault Conviction

A person accused of sexual assault may face severe damage to their personal, professional, and social life regardless of if they are actually convicted of the crime. Societys attitude about sex crimesas well as the media hype usually surrounding these types of cases has contributed to the serious penalties and punishments a defendant may face. The consequences of a sexual assault conviction can include:

  • Prison

  • Substantial fines

  • Probation/parole

  • Loss of rights

  • Court ordered rehab

  • AIDS/STD testing

  • More

Very few charges could pose such a negative impact on your future as sexual assault allegations. Any individual could claim they were sexually assaulted without providing substantial evidence.

Sadly, sexual assault allegations are sometimes based on malicious accusations, causing the defendant to face severely damaging consequences.

What Is Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault is defined as any nonconsensual sexual activity including touching, sexual intercourse, penetration, child molestation,attempted rape,and more. In cases where the victim was asleep or too intoxicated to give consent and also in instances where the alleged assailant holds a position of authority or trust over the victim, sexual assault charges may be filed as well.